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neuroscience notes may 7 - six months or more elapses...

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Post Traumatic Stress: 6 criteria: 1. Extreme traumatic stressor -direct personal experience -response involves intense fear/hopelessness/horror 2. Persistent re-experience 3. Persistent avoidance 4. Persistent increased arousal 5. Symptoms are full scale for more then one month 6. Causes clinical distress or functional impairment Classifications: Acute PTSD- duration of symptoms occur for more then one month, but less then three months Chronic PTSD- duration of symptoms last more then three months Delayed Onset PTSD-
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Unformatted text preview: six months or more elapses before symptoms occur; symptoms occur for more then one month Acute Stress Disorder-duration of these symptoms occur for more then 2 days, but less then one month Things to keep in mind…-Disorder may increase when:-stressor is of human design-intensity of stressor is higher-proximity of stressor is greater-Classic survivor guilt symptoms -Developmental regression(especially in children) -Conditioning to other stimuli -Separation anxiety(especially in children)...
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