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Cheetah hypothesis

Cheetah hypothesis - quality of their song and how...

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Richard Russoniello May 8, 2008 Animal Behavior Ms. Bailey Part Four Hypothesis: When a female Cheetah enters estrous she is more receptive to a male who vocalizes very aggressively(how loud and how often), as oppose to a male who does not vocalize as aggressively. I came to this hypothesis through my research. In other animals such as the Jaguar, the female is more receptive to the male who roars very loud and often as oppose to a male who does not. Because these two animals are closely related I would expect the same to be true for Cheetahs. Also, female songbirds choose their males according to the
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Unformatted text preview: quality of their song and how persistent they are in singing it. They choose this male because this usually means they have better fitness then males who do not have learned there song as well and do not sing as often. Since songbirds also use vocalizations to attract mates this may connect to Cheetahs as well. The aggressiveness in vocalizations a male Cheetah displays may also indicate they have better fitness then those who are not as aggressive, which could be the reason she chooses him....
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