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Richard Russoniello Psychology 101 March 17, 2009 Assignment #6 Heinz Dilemma In the case of Heinz and his wife I believe Heinz should steal the medicine for many reasons. The most important thing is that his wife will die if she does not get the medicine so Heinz must do whatever it takes to get the medicine. The most messed up part of this is the druggiest will not let them pay the rest later, there is no reason to deny human life because they do not have the money upfront. The druggiest is money hungry, not looking to help people, and allow unnecessary deaths for pure profit margins. The only reason Heinz's wife will die is if she does not get the medicine, so thats the
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Unformatted text preview: most important thing. And since the doctor would not reason with anything logical like, allowing Heinz to pay him back later, the last resort of stealing must be used. If someone is about to die, but can not afford treatment upfront, they should be allowed to go on a billing program. People have the right to live and when someone denies a dying person the cure they need without any good reason, the dying person deserves to get the medicine, as in this case involving Heinz and his wife....
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