Experiment 6 - Michael Patino 01115539 Chem 1122-Trupta...

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Michael Patino 01115539 Chem 1122-Trupta Experiment 6- Oxidation of Vitamin C Objective / Aim of the lab- The objective of this lab is to introduce antioxidant properties of ascorbic acid, also commonly known as Vitamin C. This allows the experimenter to show how Vitamin C is oxidized by iodine. Also, this able test whether or not if cooking foods containing vitamin C, degrades Vitamin C. In principle, the experimenter will determine the Vitamin C content in vitamin tablets. Introduction/background information- In the beginning of our lab, my partner and I learned by reading the lab manual that Vitamin C can react with a reactive radical, to produce an unreactive radical. Vitamin C, which its ease while being oxidized, makes it an excellent antioxidant. An antioxidant is a compound that inhibits oxidation. It protects other compounds or elements from being oxidized because an antioxidant itself can naturally oxidize. The lab manual told us that a human must consume Vitamin C from food sources in fairly high amounts, at least 65 mg per day is highly recommended. This is necessary because Vitamin is highly soluble or aqueous which the body flushes out quickly. When Vitamin C is cooked or refrigerated it degrades the Vitamin C causing
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Experiment 6 - Michael Patino 01115539 Chem 1122-Trupta...

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