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Forward Converter Specifications: Max Input Voltage: Vg 390 Min Input Voltage: Vg 260 Output Voltage: V 15 Max load power: Pload 200 Min load power: Pload 20 Switching frequency: fs 1.00E+05 Max output ripple: dv 0.1 Formulas: D: D<= 1/(1+n1/n2) ccm:Vd3: V=n3/n1*D*Vg max Vq1= Vg(1+n1/n2) dcm Vd3: V=n3/n1*Vg*(1+4K/D^2)^.5 K=2L/RTs L: L=D`VTs/2di D=2(K)^.5/[(2n3V/n1V-1)^2-1]^.5 R = V^2/Pload V=n3/n1*Vg*2/(1+4K/D^2)^.5 Forward converter design, CCM Reset winding turn ratio n2/n1 1 Turns ratio n3/n1 0.13 Inductor current ripple di
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Results: Calculated Table Vmax 15 Vmin 4.74 R 1.13 K 4.62 Max Duty cycle <= 0.500 0.46 Min D, @ full load 0.340 0.31 Min D, @ min load 0.220 0.25 Inductance L 2.02E-05 2.60E-05 Capacitance C 2.50E-05 Worst Case Stresses: Peak trans. Volt vq1 780 780 Rms tran. Current 1.13 Trans utilization U 0.23 Peak diode voltage vD2 49 Rms diode currrent iD2 9.1 Peak diode voltage vD3 49 Rms diode currrent iD3 11.1 Rms output cap current iC 1.15...
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