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Stereotypes o images in movies and TV present stereotypes o deep rooted in history, back to Marco Polo and ancient Greeks o impressions are often subconscious, and we don’t realize we have them In contrast to those images, what images of Asians (ch, jap, and kor) does she provide? o The geisha as an artist, “well-read and cosmopolitan,” with strong opinions about topics from sports to the institution of marriage to world politics, from a wealthy noble family o College students in China o Asian woman as powerful political leaders o Philippines: two women presidents, more women ambassadors than the US Stereotypical images of Asians are so enduring because Hollywood perpetuates them Asians tend to receive brief roles, and only those that are stereotypical Hollywood also presents Asians in limited roles so that Asians are only seen a certain way Also, Asian countries are willing to exploit those images to make money in the
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Unformatted text preview: way of bar girls, Cathay girls etc. • To contrast the image of the submissive Japanese woman, Prasso presents the Japanese woman who is strong and only initially reserved toward strangers. Also the woman are not submissive to their husbands they lead separate lives from their husbands. • In contrast to the china doll dragon lady image, Prasso provides images of political activists, working mothers, high-achieving students • She does not provide much in the way of alternative Korean images • She also does not make cultural difference explicit. • Even though she tries to treat the different Asian cultures separately, she does not make an effort to point out their differences and usually treats the different cultures as subsets of the larger “Asian” culture rather than as legitimate individual cultures....
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