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GateofHeavenlyPeace - Tiananmen was a historical event in...

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Tiananmen was a historical event in China’s history. Led by Chinese students, the movement was an emotional one that showed that China’s government was still not open to a participatory government in any way. Tiananmen reflects the culture at the time that people were not afraid to criticize the government. All of the emotion from the oppression in the past was characterized by this one moment in Chinese history. People did things that would never have been thought of in the past. An example is the Goddess of Democracy statue that the people created. This statue faced Mao to challenge and show defiance to the government. They voiced their opinions about the way the government ran the country. Although the government believed that the movement would die out, the students were passionate in what they believed and would not budge. When the government used military force, it showed that they still showed the oppressive communist characteristics of the past.
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