MaoZedong - Thought/Political/Contributions Mao believed...

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Thought/Political/Contributions Mao believed that "socialism is the only way out for China," because the United States and other Western countries would not allow China to join the ranks of advanced capitalism. The basis of his ideology was Marxism-Leninism, but he adapted it to Chinese conditions. In his early years, Mao thought that peasants could form the basis of a communist revolution Developed more practical ideas like a three-stage theory of guerilla warfare and the people's democratic dictatorship. Indicated his willingness to consider different opinions about how China should be governed in the Hundred Flowers Campaign. In 1958, Mao launched the Great Leap Forward, a plan intended as an alternative model for economic growth, which contradicted the Soviet model of heavy industry that was advocated by others in the party. Cultural Revolution in 1966. The Revolution led to the destruction of much of China's cultural heritage and the imprisonment of a huge number of Chinese intellectuals, as well as creating general economic and social chaos in the country. Accomplishments
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MaoZedong - Thought/Political/Contributions Mao believed...

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