Sources - Source#1 Levy Levy had 5 Hypotheses or reasons...

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Source #1: Levy Levy had 5 Hypotheses or reasons for his argument of why Japan modernized and China did not. According to Levy’s socialist theory, Japan modernized because the internal structure existing in Japan made it modernize easily whereas in China, the internal structure prevented modernization. He argues the external influences were the same. o It was the differences in the social structures of China and Japan, not the differences in the new forces introduced to China and Japan. - Japan was feudalistic and Japan was not. (see ID 3) - In Japan, the merchants could not become land owners. They had to stay as merchants and all of their resources/earnings were put back into their business. In China, merchants could move up to be land owners—their goal was to escape being a merchant, so all of their earnings were invested into land, not business. - Japan’s 1 st loyalty was to the hierarchy of the government and then to the family. China’s 1 st loyalty was to the family and then to the hierarchy and the government was seen as the #1 family The differences in nonsocial factors (ie. Raw material resources) do not account for the differences. In Japan’s industrialization, the process of the transition did not disrupt or change the control of the leadership of the population. In China, the transition did alter the control of the leadership. (The government in China became decentralized and fell apart when China tried to modernize) In Japan, there was a group of people that was easily converted to the new ways that were necessary in the planning and administrative roles in industrialization. (Japanese government encouraged modernization)
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Sources - Source#1 Levy Levy had 5 Hypotheses or reasons...

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