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study guide # 86-95 28/03/2009 21:23:00 86. What does the acronym GNU stand for and which organization is associated with it? GNU = GNU’s Not Unix ( it’s a recursive acronym) o Can also be known as General Public License The philosophy behind GNU is to produce software that is non-proprietary. Anyone can download, modify and redistribute GNU software. The only restriction is that they cannot limit further redistribution. The GNU project was started in 1983 by Richard Stallman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. o Linux systems rely heavily on GNU software 87. What does FUD mean? FUD = fear uncertainty doubt It is a marketing technique used when a competitor launches a product that is both better than yours and costs less, i.e. your product is no longer competitive. Unable to respond with hard facts, scare-mongering is used via 'gossip channels' to cast a shadow of doubt over the competitors offerings and make people think twice before using it. FUD was used in Microsoft’s conflict with Open Source in an effort to deter people away from using Open Source Software. 88. What is vaporware? Vaporware is a term used to describe a software or hardware product that is announced by a developer well in advance of release, but which then fails to emerge after having well exceeded the period of development time that was
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Study Guide #3 - studyguide#8695 28/03/200921:23:00 86....

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