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Quiz 5 1. What does the following instruction do? BRSET $0,X,$05,GOTIT Branches to GOTIT if the value at <IX> has bits 0 and 2 high ($5=%0000 0101) 2. Write directives to save the values $55 and $AA in memory locations $8010 and $8011. ORG $8010 FCB $55,$AA 3. Write a directive that sets the value of HERE to $0D11.
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Unformatted text preview: HERE EQU $0D11 4. Write a program to implement the following pseudocode. evaluate: Z = (value at DATA) + $50 if negative, end otherwise, store Z to SAVE LDAA #$50 ADDA $DATA BMI NEG STAA $SAVE NEG END...
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