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Quiz 4 ECE 331 Spring 2009 1. Given REGISTER VALUE DATA MEM. ADDR. A AA 12 0010 B BB 20 0011 X 0100 02 0100 Y 0200 00 0101 00 0200 10 0201 What happens when LDAB [0100,X] is executed? changed register/memory_location __ accB _____, new value _ $12 ___ 2. Consider the instruction BRA $10 a) how does this affect program flow? program advances ahead by 16 bytes worth of instructions
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Unformatted text preview: b) what hardware change occurs with this instruction? PC PC + 16 3. What address mode is used with branch instructions ? relative 4. Briefly describe what the following directives do ORG sets memory orgin of program code EQU assigned a value to a variable/label END specifies the end of a program...
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