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Quiz 3-Solution ECE331, Spring 09 1. List 3 elements/parts/blocks in the 68HC12 1 Accumulator A Programmers Model 2 Accumulator B 3 Accumulator D 4. Index register X 5. Index register Y 6. Stack pointer 7. Program counter 8. Condition code register 2. Name 3 of the flags 1 C, Carry in the condition code register
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Unformatted text preview: 2 V, Overflow 3 Z, Zero 4 N, Negative 5 H, Half-carry 3. List the mnemonic (or describe specific function) of 1 example a) Data transfer instruction MOVB, LDDA, STAA, PULX, PSHA, ROL b) Arithmetic instruction ADDA, ABX, MUL, EMUL, IDIV, FDIV c) Logic instruction ANDA, EORB, ORCC, BSET, BCLR...
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