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ECE 331 Spring 2009 Homework 11 Due Wed April 29 at the beginning of class. 1. The table to the right represents the stack contents at an instant in time. a. If the main program just jumped to a subroutine, what is the subroutine return address (i.e., where will it return after the subroutine is complete)? b. If accA then IY were pushed to the stack before calling a subroutine that is currently being executed, what was the value in accA? c. If the subroutine currently being executed pushed IX to the stack, what is the subroutine return address? 2. Briefly describe the following timer functions a. Input capture b. Output compare c. Pulse accumulator 3. In the world of microcontrollers, what is an exception ? 4. List two types of resets generated by internal factors. 5. What is the purpose of an interrupt? 6. Exception priority: a. What exception has the highest priority? b. What interrupt has the highest priority? c.
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