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ECE 331 Spring 2009 Homework 9 Due Friday April 10 at the beginning of class. 1. List the two I/O Addressing approaches discussed in class. Briefly (one sentence) describe the difference between them. 2. Briefly describe the general function Microcontroller (MCU) Registers. 3. Briefly describe what an I/O Port is on a microcontroller. 4. How would you set a bi-directional I/O port to be an output port? 5. Write a program segment that would set the lowest two pins (1:0) of Port K to be outputs and the upper six pins (7:2) to be inputs. Use the MCU Register addresses for an HCS12 device. 6. Using the block diagram for the MC9S12DP256, list the secondary functions (other than general purpose I/O) of each of the following ports on the HCS12. a) Port A b) Port B c) Port H a) Port P d) Port S e) Port T f) Port AD0 g) Port AD1
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