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ECE 331 Spring 2009 Homework 2 Due Friday Jan 30 at the beginning Show all your work and please try to be neat. of class. 1. Complete the following exercise for the expression F = (A’+B’+C’) (A’+B’+C) (A’+B+C’) (A’+B+C) (A+B+C) a. Write the PoS expression using Pi Notation b. Write the equivalent SoP expression in Sigma Notation. c. Write the SoP expression as an expanded logic expression, i.e., write F = f (A,B,C) d. Reduce the expression from (c) using K-Map. e. Reduce the expression from (c) using Boolean algebra, but keep your answer is a SoP form, i.e. using only terms containing ANDs that are ORed together. Does this agree with part (d)? If not, look for mistakes. f. Can your expression from (d) and (e) be minimized further to reduce the number of terms and/or operations? If so, write the minimized expressions. g. Draw the gate-level schematic for the minimized expression using any appropriate basic logic gate. Use only A , B , C as inputs –no complements. h.
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