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Final Review ECE 331, Spring 09 Students bring to the exam: Handout 2, with no additional information added to the handout! Something to write/erase with No calculators Exam Format ~50% Theory: Short Answer (T/F, multiple choice, matching, fill in blank) ~50% Problems Formula sheet (Boolean logic properties, powers of 2, etc.) ~50% on new material (bold below) and ~%50% on material covered by past exams Topics Covered Review material (limited direct coverage on final exam) o Number systems: Hex/Dec/Bin conversion; 2’s complement form o Combinational logic gates: INV through FFs and shift/rotate registers o Logic minimization: DeMorgan’s rules, K-maps o NOR/NAND-only logic implementation; bubble pushing Computer history (briefly) Basic computer/processor organization, hardware elements and their functions o architecture o CPU, Memory, I/P devices, Buses Microprocessor, microcontroller, embedded controller Programmer’s model; CPU registers and their functions
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