EGR 410 SS 09 Course Requirements and Guidelines

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EGR 410 Systems Methodology Spring 2009 Course Requirements and Guidelines Work cooperatively and meet regularly in project groups Project topic is subject to modification by the course instructor so that it is appropriate for the methodology and student backgrounds, and so it can be completed within the allotted time. Write and prepare your "fair share" of the 10-15 page formal report in acceptable style and according to the outline provided. Participate in two 10 minute and a final 15 minute report, with appropriate graphics as part of your class-assigned project group. Each week, each student will submit a written paragraph summarizing his/her project activities for the previous week (i.e., his/her/personal contribution.)
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Unformatted text preview: Also, each week, group members will participate in an oral discussion of the group project's status/progress with the class instructor. • Lecture and lab attendance are mandatory. Some lab meetings may require additional time-especially at the end of the semester. The taking of class notes is the responsibility of each student. • Final oral reports will be May 1 st at Design Day in the Student Union. Students not in attendance will be marked down. • CD or DVD reports, (paper and presentation), are to be submitted during lecture on Tuesday, April 28 th . • Typical course time requirements are approximately six hours per week. Get organized immediately, and do not miss group meetings....
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