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EGR 410 SS 09 Outline of Lecture

EGR 410 SS 09 Outline of Lecture - methodology is necessary...

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EGR 410 Systems Methodology Spring 2009 Outline of Lecture The lecture portion of this course has two purposes: 1. To give students the methodological tools needed to carry out a quasi-professional group project. 2. More broadly, to give students the methodological tools which, when assimilated by experience, can assist them in effectively approaching a wide range of problems in professional life. Specific Topics Covered Introduction to the systems approach as a problem solving methodology Detailed description of Feasibility Evaluation (Mastery of this
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Unformatted text preview: methodology is necessary for lab project completion.) o Need analysis o System identification o Problem definition o Generating alternative solutions o Eliminate non-feasible solutions o Evaluating feasible solutions Basic System concepts o System management o System design o Inputs and outputs o Causality o Causal loop diagrams Management Decision Method o Management science decision techniques o Group and organizational decision settings o Analytical hierarchy process...
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