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EGR 410 SS 09 Systems Methodology

EGR 410 SS 09 Systems Methodology - partially explored the...

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EGR 410 Systems Methodology Spring 2009 Decision factors in choosing a topic for a feasibility study 1. Interest of the investigator(s). 2. Relation of problem to work or educational goals and to previous education and experience. 3. Availability of adequate detail and information about the problem. 4. D oes the topic address a meaningful “real world” problem. 5. Once preliminary system identification needs analysis, and solution generation has been completed, and each solution alternative has been
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Unformatted text preview: partially explored, the scope of the project should be such that the draft f the feasibility study can be put together in one long weekend of team effort. SCHEDULE!!! 6. Is a paper study meaningful? 7. Work must be of importance to the writers but doesn’t need to be original; i.e., others may have studied the same problem before. 8. There must be more that one alternative approach to the problem. 9. The problem must “exercise” or need the breadth of systems methodology....
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