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Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht - The Alienation Effect • Aka A-Effect •...

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Bertolt Brecht Thought drama should inform & awaken sensibilities, not just entertain or anesthetize an audience Some of his works threatened the Nazi regime Seeing so much death in WWI made him a pacifist Founded Berliner Ensemble Felt his work was best understood in a communist setting One irony is that his work has been even more widely appreciated & accepted in the west than in former communist eastern bloc Wrote The Threepenny Opera Used term epic theatre to distinguish his own theatre from traditional Aristotelian drama Expected audience to observe critically, to draw conclusions, and to participate in an intellectual argument Wanted more analyzing and less emotion He made the theatricality of the productions props, lights, etc more obvious so people would remember they were seeing a play Alienation – term he used to define the effect he wanted his theater to have on an audience
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Unformatted text preview: The Alienation Effect • Aka A-Effect • Nothing magical, no hypnotic tensions or being swept away • Drop assumption of the 4 th wall • Actor should try to stay a reader for as long as possible • “fixing the ‘not…but’” • 3 ways to alienate: o transposition into the third person o transposition into the past o speaking the stage directions out loud • third person allows for detachment • to get the full A effect, the actor should start at rehearsal by paraphrasing the verse’s content • actor emphasizes that it is his own interpretation of the incident • the object of the effect is to alienate the social gest (the mimetic and gestural expression of the social relationships prevailing between people) underlying every incident • historicization – • actor must play the incident as historical ones • assume nothing is “self evident” •...
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Bertolt Brecht - The Alienation Effect • Aka A-Effect •...

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