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Drama Notes - Drama Notes Introduction Drama is the art of...

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Drama Notes: Introduction Drama is the art of representing for the pleasure of others events that happened or that we imagine happening Drama both entertains and instructs In its origin, drama may have evolved from ancient Egyptian and Greek rituals/ ceremonies which were thought to have a propitious effect on the relationship between Greek drama was first performed during yearly religious celebrations dedicated to the god Dionysus In 13 th century, Japanese theatre thrived reaching a pinnacle in the No drama of Zeami Motokiyo and his father Kan’ami. No drama combines music & movement in intricate patterns of ritualistic formality The rebirth of Western drama in the Middle Ages took place in monasteries then later in cathedrals. The plays helped the faithful understand more about their own moral predicament. Greek actors spoke in verse and wore masks with a stage of very little setting and no special costumes except for some comedies and satyr plays Medieval drama was sometimes acted on pushwagons and carts but had special machinery that was very realistic In Elizabethan theatre, the actors recited lines in verse except when they had a reason to use prose (like lower social rank) Even weird plays like Midsummer Night’s Dream show us that even fantastic/ fanciful realities have significance for us Modern day we sit in a dark room watching a lighted stage but it wasn’t always that way. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA: All plays share plots, characters, settings, dialogue, movement, and themes Plot – term for the action of a drama which implies that the action has a shape & form that will prove satisfying to the audience Exposition – an explanation of what happened before the play began and of how the characters arrived at their present situation (usually in beginning) Suspense – builds tension in the audience which furthers the pattern of RISING ACTION Climax – when a revelation is experienced
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Sometimes very briefly in a pattern of falling action as the drama reaches its conclusion
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Drama Notes - Drama Notes Introduction Drama is the art of...

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