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February 11 - of the play, not in the context of the...

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February 11, 2009 Acting is DOING not being. Acting is portraying a character’s wants and needs through artistically truthful behavior that reflects a character’s psychological and emotional life Acting is NOT: showing, narrating, illustrating, exhibiting, or dressing up & displaying emotions As a creative artist, the actor: Selects sensory responses (both physiological and emotional) in search for Selected behavior pertinent to a character’s needs within the Given circumstances of the play The actor’s reality The actor’s goal is to tell the character’s circumstances in the play’s story as effectively as possible Those circumstances are the essential conditions in the play’s world that include time (when), place (where), and surroundings (what) The actor must concentrate on the truth of the character’s behavior – his or her sensory responses, psychological motives and objects – in the contest
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Unformatted text preview: of the play, not in the context of the performance of audience External Technique (From the outside inward): • He or she approaches a role through a deep and passionate study of human behavior in all of its outward forms, with an eye toward reproducing them in a disciplined and expert • The English actor Davis Garrick (1717-1779) approached acting as an imitation of life – called mimical behavior Internal Belief (From inside outward): • A creative process that is intuitive and subconscious and subjective o To select behavior pertinent to the character’s needs within the given circumstances o To allow personal behavior to develop out of the playwright’s prescribed circumstances, knowing that their actions will involved a moment-to-moment subject experience The Method • Experiencing the situation first hand so you know how to handle it • Taking it to an extreme...
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February 11 - of the play, not in the context of the...

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