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January 28 - operation are still debated by scholars Served...

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January 28, 2009 Middle ages (500 ad – 1500 ad) aka the Dark Ages Theatre was pretty non-existent during this time Liturgical Early medieval drama, written in Latin & dealing with biblical stories Vernacular Drama Came later in the middles ages The language of these later plays was not in Latin, but the everyday speech of the people Mystery Plays Dramatized a series of biblical events that could stretch from Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, Noah and the flood, and Abraham and Isaac to the stories of Christ in the New Testament The Guilds (beginning of unions) Dramatized lives of the saints Morality Plays Morality plays such as EVERYMAN used religious characters and religious themes to teach a moral lesson Medieval Theatre Production In other cases portable pageant wagons whose appearance and mode of
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Unformatted text preview: operation are still debated by scholars. Served as stage and transportation from town to town Mouth of Hell • aka Hell Mouth – usually a large fish-shaped orifice from which smoke & explosions, fueled by gunpowder, belched constantly • Devils took great delight in stuffing victims into these maws • One of the machines required seventeen men to operate Toward end of the Middles Ages • There was a gradual decline of the religious theatre • One reason was a weakening of the church, culminating in the Protestant Reformation • Second reason was the secular qualities of drama finally overcame the religious material The Reckoning • Trial of this woman has killed a child but they later find out someone from the church did it • Mystery play / suspense...
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