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March 4 - humans • Social Realism o Realism with a...

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March 4, 2009 FORMS OF REALISM “I don’t want realism, I want magic!” – Blanche DuBois Realism is an illusion Abandoned the idea of a well-made play Jo Melziner – original set designer for Glass Menagerie and Death of a Salesman Forms of Realism o o That it was a psychological link between people Poetic Realism o Playboy of the “Western World” John Millington Synge o “Desire Under the Elms” (myth or social realism?) Eugene O’Neill Also wrote the saddest play ever written “A Long Days Journey into Night” Phaedra (centering on the stepmother’s incestuous love/lust for her husband’s love) o Playwrights that used elements of myth in their plays produced a poetic form of realism that deals with a level of truth common to all
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Unformatted text preview: humans • Social Realism o Realism with a political conscience o Clifford Odets “Waiting for Lefty” (openly leftist labor drama) • Realism & Expressionism o Expressionism – expressing a feeling o Tennessee Williams “A Glass Menagerie” (it’s a memory play) Set design difficult for these sort of plays o Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman” • Antirealism o Louigi Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author He turned the expectations of drama upside down o Well EPIC THEATER • Bertolt Brecht o Didn’t like the idea of reality because he felt it was manipulating the audience to believe what’s false is actually real • Epic Theater (Historical, Episodic, & Narrative) • March 18 will be devoted to Brecht...
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March 4 - humans • Social Realism o Realism with a...

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