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March 18, 2009 Brecht Brechtian theater is a kind of theatre … He believed audiences should not be patronized with thinking what’s on stage is real life. They should be reminded they are in the theatre This opened up into the characters being able to interact and talk to the audiences. This technique is known as breaking the fourth wall. What is the alienation effect? Aims to make the familiar seem strange, to show everything in a strange and unfamiliar light His techniques included breaking the fourth wall, destructive use of song,
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Unformatted text preview: and explanatory placards on wall • Alienation effect/de-familiarization effect/estranged effect: aka ver frem dungs effect • Acting in epic theatre requires actors to play characters believable without convincing the audience or themselves that they are the characters • Actors often play multiple roles and go out of character • 3 elements of epic theatre: historical, episodic, & _____ • He was one of the first to incorporate multimedia • Went before HUAC • Berliner Ensemble was his theatre in Germany • He loved musical theatre • Wrote Threepenny Opera...
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