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March 23

March 23 - & says she is pregnant Then vows to force...

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March 23, 2009 What school did Brick and Maggie go to? Ole Miss What is Big Daddy’s trademark word? Crap Who revealed his love to Brick? Skipper Who sleeps next to Maggie and Brick’s room? Mae & Gooper What is part of the rising action of this play? Big Daddy corners Brick and confronts him about his drinking and love for Skipper What’s the climax? What is part of the falling action? Mae & Gooper try to get Big Mama to sign the will they came up with. Also, Maggie lies
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Unformatted text preview: & says she is pregnant. Then vows to force Brick to conceive a child Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – performed by all black cast in this new production, Usually all white cast There are 3 official versions of Cat on the Hot Tin Roof: film version, one where Daddy tells an elephant joke, and the one where Big Daddy is in the other room saying “I’m dying, I’m dying!” Film does not touch on homosexual theme due to controversial times, focused more about Brick being immature and not ready for marriage...
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