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Oedipus Rex Notes

Oedipus Rex Notes - learns he will kill his father and...

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Sophocles Notes Sophocles won more prizes than any other tragedian in Greek drama competitions First person to write a play and not act in it he also introduced innovations in structure of plays by changing size of chorus to fifteen and adding painted scenery, more props, and a third actor He structured his plays to ensure the moment of recognition occurred at the same time the falling action began Oedipus Rex was one of 3 plays by Sophocles that treat the fate of Oedipus and his children Oedipus Rex: story of a noble man who seeks knowledge that in the end destroys him He
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Unformatted text preview: learns he will kill his father and marry his mother (he cannot accept his moira/fate). He leaves home to avoid killing Polybos and marrying Merope. Since the audience knows Odeipus’s outcome, its ironic to see the play progress. He flees home to avoid fulfilling prophecy where he ends up killing his REAL father Laios and marry Iokaste his TRUE mother. Irony – disjunction between what seems to be true and what is true...
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