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Terminology - 1 The House where the audience sits...

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TERMINOLOGY April 1 and April 3 1. The House where the audience sits 2. House Manager manages the house. They work closely with the box office, ushers. First to have an association with the audience. 3. Weigh the House Make sure people are evenly distributed. 4. “Late Comers” there’s a specific queue for late comers to enter without distracting. 5. Legs legs hide the wings. Usually they are tiered 6. Wings the off-stage areas. 7. Teasers instruments are lights. Teasers are the curtain running along the top that hides the instruments 8. Foot Lights lights at the foot of the stage and shine up. Helps get rid of shadows that the top instruments create when shining down. Usually right at the apron 9. “Special” maybe a spotlight. In Well & Glass Menagerie. It comes for a specific moment or for a specific person. Not always a spotlight. 10. Follow Spot spotlight usually in the back of the house. They are often used in musicals. It follows an actor around. 11. Gel film to add color over an instrument. Usually up to the lighting designer. 1
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TERMINOLOGY April 1 and April 3 12. Spot Light well defined & focused. It can be a “special” too. 13. “Quick Change” quick costume change 14. Spike Marks tape on the floor (sometimes different colors) shows you where to put things on stage 15. Blocking movement of the actors on stage. The planned actor movement usually recorded in the prompt book.
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