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Assignment1 - Dependency and Generalization are provided...

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SYSC 4800 – Fall 2008 – Assignment 1 Cab Dispatching System The list of documents provided: The reference documents: 1. Restrictions : This document provides the list of restrictions, discussed in class, that need to be applied when writing use case specifications. 2. The ATM use case model sample with restriction examples : This example use case model illustrates how the restrictions are applied when writing use case descriptions. This is the example use case model discussed in class. Incomplete use case model for a specific system: 1. Use case diagram of the system 2. System description 3. Partially filled use case specifications (MS Word file) For each use case specification, the sections of the use case description template Brief Description , Primary Actor , Second Actors
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Unformatted text preview: , Dependency , and Generalization are provided. Notice that the Brief Description of each use case description does not employ any restriction. What you have to do: Complete the missing sections of the provided use case specifications. Follow the use case description template discussed in class. Restrictions MUST be applied appropriately when you write the use case descriptions. This is very important to evaluate your results . If you have to make an assumption when describing a use case, please clearly state the assumption and the reason why you believe the assumption is necessary. What to hand-in: The completed use case specifications in MS-Word file. Name your MS-Word file as “sysc4800-studentID#”. Submit your assignment with WebCT. 1...
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