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Happiness You’re all HEDONISTS. “The pursuit of happiness is man’s secret motive for all they do” (William James, 1902). HAPPIER PEOPLE … perceive the world as safer; make decisions more easily; rate job applicants more favorably; report greater life satisfaction are more willing to help others—give money, pick up someone’s dropped papers, volunteer time, etc.
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Happiness Typical trend: emotions balance. People tend to rebound from bad moods to a better- than normal levels of good moods; Tragedies are not permanently depressing: U of I students: happy 50%; unhappy 22%; neutral 29% Friends with disabilities are perceived as just as happy; 128 people with all four limbs as paralyzed, most acknowledge wanting to commit suicide; After one year, less than 10% report their quality of life as poor and most described it as good or excellent. Learning one is HIV positive is devastating, yet after 5 weeks, felt much less distraught than they expected.
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