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Name:__________________________________Per #:_____________________________ Crash Course European History: Viewing Guide Episode 12: Scientific Revolution Terms to know from this episode: Scientific RevolutionNicholas CopernicusTycho BraheJohannes KeplerGalileo GalileiWilliam Harvey Isaac Newton Principia Mathematica Francis Bacon René Decartes Isaac Newton 1.What conditions so far have set the stage for an explosion of scientific discovery? 2.What is different about the expectations of the last few generations of people on earth? 3.“Like the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution was another break with__________________________. 4.In 1543, ___________________________________________ publishedOn the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres,which said the universe was heliocentric. 5.“________________________________________________ laws of planetary motion announced early in the seventeenth century that the orbits of the planets were elliptical—not perfectly circular.” 6.Name one of the tools Galileo invented. 7.Name one of Galileo’s discoveries. 8.What was Galileo’s punishment?
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Unformatted text preview:9. What did William Harvey figure out? 10. What methods did Francis Bacon use to find answers to questions? 11. Who said "I think, therefore I am?" 12. "By privileging the role that thought, and with it questioning, play in discovering truth, Descartes had developed ______________________________________________________________." 13. Who compiled the findings of previous scientists into one book ( Principia Mathematica ) and quantified mass, inertia, force, velocity, acceleration? 14. His travels in Goa, India led him to use plants for medicine, including _________________________, used to treat malaria. 15. Governments were patrons to scientists and mathematicians through their establishment of groups like: 16. Do you KNOW that the sun is at the center of the universe, or do you BELIEVE it? What is the difference?For More Viewing Guides and study tips created by Cathy Keller, the European History Educational Consultant for this Crash Course series, visit @kellerhistory