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Name:__________________________________Per #:_____________________________Crash Course European History: Viewing GuideEpisode 18: The EnlightenmentTerms to know from this episode:MontesquieuVoltaireJean-Jacques RousseauEnlightenment SalonPhilosopheDenis DiderotEncyclopediaDavid HumeDiestsOlaudah EquianoAdam SmithImmanuel KantMoses Mendelssohn1.If you didn’t know anything about the science behind it, how might you explain an Earthquake?2.Some thought the earthquake in _____________________________________ (1755) was punishmentfor the world’s sins, while others looked for answers using reason and science.3.Name two new luxury commodities that to experimentation.4.Travellers to _______________________________ were impressed with how less quarrelsome peopleseemed compared to Europeans5.InThe Persian Letters,___________________________________ about how shocked and amusedUzbeck travellers are about Europe.6.InCandide, ______________________________________ made fun of rulers and their corruption,valuing honesty and simple lives.7.InEmile,___________________________________________________ encouraged a naturaleducation, focusing on carpentry, gardening and practical skills. Women were encouraged to stick to
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