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04 vulcan_09 - types produce and be able to identify each type by a description of their characteristics 7 In general which volcano type is largest

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VOLCANO OBJECTIVES 1) Know the definition of a rock. 2) Be able to draw and label the rock cycle. 3) Be able to identify these volcanic events given a description of their main characteristics: a. Mammoth Lakes California - ongoing b. Mt. Pinatubo - 1991 c. Lake Nyos - 1986 d. Hawaii - 1983 e. Mt. Paracutin – 1943-52 f. Mt. Pele - 1902 g. Tambora – 1815 h. Yellowstone – 150,000 B.P. i. Toba Lake 70,000 B.P. j. Vesuvius – 79 AD 4) What is the most important factor controlling the explosiveness of a volcano, and which characteristic of magma is most important for determining this factor? 5) What are the three types of magma and which has the highest and lowest of the following: viscosity, gas content, silica content, ability to form pyroclasts (explosiveness). 6) Know what type of volcano or volcanic feature can each of the above magma
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Unformatted text preview: types produce, and be able to identify each type by a description of their characteristics. 7) In general, which volcano type is largest and which is smallest? 8) Know the names of the two types of lava flows, and be able to identify them from a description or photos. 9) What are the main forms of pyroclasts? Know their order from smallest to largest. 10) What is the most deadly manifestation of a volcanic eruption? 11) Besides lava flows and pyroclasts what other hazards can volcanoes produce? 12) Besides the common eruptive characteristics, by what other physical surface features can magma near the surface express itself? 13) How can volcanic eruptions be predicted?...
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