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Lesley Wilkinson Smith ENG 1105 September 22, 2009 A girl and her bike: From exercise to obsession We no longer use technology, we live it. -Michiel Schwarz Technology has become our environment as well as our ideology. -Chellis Glendinning On my eighth birthday I received my first bike. Blue and magenta covered its frame and handle bars. The size fit me like a glove. For the next few years I rode my bike as often as I could. I traveled up and down mountains, through parks, on bike paths, and even across the country. The quality exercise and fitness drove me to even compete as time allowed. I looked forward to encountering the high each time I finished riding. I loved to spend time in nature and see the beautiful sights as I rode. The summer after sixth grade any affection I have had for biking quickly vanished. My friend and I were nearing the end of a 30-mile bike ride when the event took place. We were reaching speeds around twenty miles per hour down a gravel hill when my tire broke loose from the frame, throwing me 10 feet in the air. I nailed the gravel as my bike flipped over me, crushing my wrist. My wrist had been fractured in four places, as well as my opposite elbow and both knees had been sliced open. Not only was I in the most physical pain I had ever experienced, but I was absolutely infuriated. I blamed the entire accident on my faulty biked and decided immediately those were the last of my biking days. For me biking was over . The bicycle began its existence in 1817 in Germany, where it was coined the ‘Drais’. The bicycle, without pedals or a chain, was primarily a luxury. To those who could afford the bicycle it merely provided added wealth. (At the time showing wealth and status were its only benefits). By the 1880s the bike became appreciated and designed as a means of transportation. Everyone interested in bicycles began trying to
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formulate ways to make it more practical for transportation. This is when the first pedals and chains were invented. These new additions marked the beginning of women riding and owning bicycles. Which for the time period, signified a great achievement and encouraged the idea of the “independent woman”. By the 1970s the bicycle boom had begun in America. From then on, the bicycle has been remodeled constantly. Nearly every year a faster, lighter, and more durable bicycle is being manufactured. What was once a wooden frame with wheels is now sold as the three most common bicycles: hybrids, road bicycles, and mountain bikes, each with various quirks to fit your taste. These bikes still signify wealth but today they are found so often they are seen as much
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ENGESSAY - Lesley Wilkinson Smith ENG 1105 September 22,...

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