421s08xf2 - Math 421:02 Final Exam Prof Bumby Noon – 3 PM...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 421:02 Final Exam Prof. Bumby May 14, 2008 Noon – 3 PM This is a blue book exam. Write your name on the cover of your blue book. The other requested information is not needed , and should not be given . All work should be in the blue book , organized so that it is clear where work on each problem can be found. It is not necessary that problems appear in order, or that all work on a problem be on consecutive pages. The total score on this exam is 200 points with 10 problems. This question paper has 3 pages. Also, note that the end of a page does not necessarily mean the end of a problem. No books, calculators or other electronic devices may be used, but a review document with formulas is provided. Derivatives of functions of one variable are denoted with primes, as in f .x/ ; partial derivatives are denote with subscripts, as in u x .x;t/ . A similar exam was given yesterday, but no other versions are planned, so you may keep the question paper. Copies of both versions of the exam may be retrieved from the Sakai site. Equations on this exam have explicit initial conditions and/or boundary conditions, so explicit answers are expected. Those answers are frequently found as series, and these series are considered explicit if the integrals determining the coefficients are evaluated. In addition to being correct, answers should use the notation appearing in the statement of the problem. Any new variables appearing in your answer should be defined somewhere in the solution.defined somewhere in the solution....
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2009 for the course 650 421 taught by Professor Bumby during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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421s08xf2 - Math 421:02 Final Exam Prof Bumby Noon – 3 PM...

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