phil 100a hw 1

phil 100a hw 1 - continues to ask questions we see that his...

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David Askander Phil. 100A Prof. Kelsey Homework Assignment #1 This homework assignment look at a statement that Socrates says to Euthyphro, he states, “So you did not answer my question, you surprising man.” Socrates feels that Euthyphro has not completely answered the question on his mind. He has not developed his answer to the fullest and Socrates sees plenty of room for obscurity. Euthyphro’s statement bothers Socrates on a few levels. To begin, the definition only identifies a certain class of actions without giving understanding to the whole matter. This causes ambiguity and confusion on Socrates’ part. After Euthyphro changes his definition to make it more general, which seems to please Socrates at first because it gives us the opportunity to ask of any specific action whether or not the gods find it agreeable, and then organize all those actions that are agreeable to the gods as holy. This reasoning would suffice if Euthyphro is correct but as the dialogue continues and Socrates
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Unformatted text preview: continues to ask questions we see that his reasoning is not correct. Although there seems to be room for uncertainty in Euthyphro definition of what piety is, yet he shifts his definition of what is holy slightly, arguing that it is not just what the gods agree upon, since the gods tend to disagree, rather it is what is approved of by the gods. It is here that he broadens his definition of what piety, thus giving a more understandable and comprehendible answers; therefore giving his defense to his argument hoping that Socrates would now understand his logic. In defense of Euthyphro’s answer I would state that it is not only a matter what is holy and what is not holy, but rather the standard at which the “gods” have set holiness at. Therefore that would be the plumb line as to what would be good or bad, or in other words, the things that are acceptable or not acceptable....
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phil 100a hw 1 - continues to ask questions we see that his...

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