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642:528 ASSIGNMENT 2 FALL 2007 Turn in starred problems Tuesday 09/18/2007. The problems from 4.2.6 below illustrate the various possibilities for the Frobenius method: all three cases of Theorem 4.3.1 occur, and for case (iii) there is an example in which there is a logarithm in the solution and one in which there is not. In problem 8, notice that this is an Euler equation. Notice also that there is another
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Unformatted text preview: way to solve it: let u ( x ) = y ′ ( x ) and solve the resulting ±rst order linear equation for u ( x ). You should see that the same solution occurs both ways. Section 4.3: • 6. *(a), *(b), (e), *(f), (i) • 8. • 9. (a) (solve as a series in powers of x ), (b) 1...
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