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642:527 ASSIGNMENT 6 FALL 2007 This homework will not be collected. Turn in starred problems Tuesday 10/16/2007. Be sure to read the instructions below. Section 7.2: 1; 4 (a), (b)*; 5 (a) (c) (f); 10 Section 7.3: 1 (a), (c)*, (h); 9 (a), (g), (h)*, (j)*; 11 (a)*, (d)* Instructions: In Section 7.3, problems 9 and 11, ±rst fnd the general solution oF the equations by matrix methods —that is, using eigenvalues and eigenvectors—as we did
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Unformatted text preview: in class. Then complete the instructions in the text. Finally, in problem 11 (as well as problem 9), sketch some trajectories in the phase plane. Hint: In Section 7.2 problems 4 and 5, you can often ±nd a conserved qualtity by the method indicated at the bottom of page 338 (equations (4) and (5). 1...
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