527ass9 - Section 17.3: 1, 4 (a), (c)*, (l)* Comments: 17.2...

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642:527 ASSIGNMENT 9 FALL 2007 Multple-page homework must be STAPLED when handed in. Turn in starred problems Tuesday 11/6/2007. Section 9.9: 2 (a), (d)*; 12 (d), (f)* Section 9.10: 2 (a), (c)*; 3 Section 17.2: 5 (a), (g), (f); 12 (a), (e)*, (j)*, (s)
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Unformatted text preview: Section 17.3: 1, 4 (a), (c)*, (l)* Comments: 17.2 12(j) is a bit trickythink carefully. On the other hand, 17.3 4(l) is easy : with the hint it can be done by inspection. The two problems are related. 1...
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