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Unformatted text preview: 642:527 ASSIGNMENT 10 FALL 2007 Multiple-page homework must be STAPLED when handed in. Turn in starred problems Tuesday 11/13/2007. Section 17.3: 4 (g), 16 (b)*, 18 (c)* Section 17.4: 1 (b), 2 (c)* (d)* (see Comment 2 below!) Section 18.3: 6 (c), (h)* Several students asked in class about the Fourier expansion of a delta function. Here is an extra credit problem on this question (but probably not enough extra credit to make it worth doing unless you are interested). If you do this problem please hand it in on a separate piece of paper so that it can be graded separately from the regular assignment. 10.A (a) Let F ( x ) be defined on (- 1 , 1] by F ( x ) = δ ( x ), and then defined for all x as a function of period 2. Compute formally the Fourier series of F ( x ). Don’t worry about convergence. (b) Use Maple or another program to construct a plot, over the interval [- 3 , 3], of four partial sums of the series you found in (a): the constant term in the series, the sum of the first two terms (including the constant), the sum of the first four terms, and the sum of...
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