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Usability Heuristic Evaluation Checklist Project: RADAR Benefits Poor Good Excellent Visibility of system status It is easy to know the current location within the overall map of the site. X Notes: 1 The title for 2 levels deep is the same style and placements as for the previous level ("Family Status Changes" is the same as "Family Status Changes- >"Mariage") 2 On longer pages, clicking link that leads to another location on the same page can cause consfusion about where the new location is. (Not clear that I am still on the same page, may think I am on a new page) (e.g., Familiy Status Changes->Marriage, New child, etc.) 3 There are numerous pages with too much content. This causes confusion about the identity of each page. There is also not enough differentiation between content pages which makes it difficult to understand current location. All pages under "Family Status Changes" should be reorganized or subdivided better. Maybe even use different pages per subsection. 4 Might help to move current left menu to horizontal submenu that appears on all pages. Then use left vertical menu for subpages. 5 Page titles should be more prominent and better reflect location in site It is clear what information is available at the current location. X Notes: The current information matches what you expect to find. X Notes: It is clear where you can go from the current location. X Notes: It is always clear what is happening from each action you perform. X Notes: Multiple destination links within a single long page can be confusing Heuristic Checklist © 2004 Furiant Consulting. All rights reserved. 1
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User control and freedom It is always easy to return to the Home Page. X
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radar_heuristics - Usability Heuristic Evaluation Checklist...

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