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Course Topics Review of 530.201, Statics & Mechanics Do homework (HW#1) for review The Fundamentals of Design Safety, Ecological & Societal Considerations The Design Process Codes and Standards Combined Static Loading Shear Force, Bending Moment Relations Combined Loading; Triaxial States Plane Strain; Principle Strains Stress-Strain Relations Deflection Analysis Pressure Vessels, rotating disks (Lecture note) Thermal Stress; Press Fits Buckling Buckling of Long Straight Columns ( Empirical Column Formulas; Design Problems ( Complex Stress States Stress Concentrations The Finite Element Method ( The Specification of Dimensions (Lecture Note) Limits & Fits; Dimensions & Tolerancing
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Unformatted text preview: The Specification of Materials (J&M 3.1-3.14) Failure of Materials And Structures Failure Theories for Static Loading ( J&M 6.1-6.4) Using Failure Theories; Fracture Mechanics ( J&M 6.5-6.10) Fatigue Failure Fatigue Failure: Time-varying loads ( J&M 8.1-8.6) Endurance Limits, Fatigue Strength ( J&M 8.7-8.11) Fatigue Life Prediction (J&M 8.12-8.17) Design of Fasteners And Joints Threaded Fasteners; Preloading, Fatigue Effects (J&M 10.1-10.4) Riveted and Bolted Joints (J&M 10.5-10.10) Design of Helical Springs Compression Springs (J&M 12.1-12.3) Tension and Torsion Springs (J&M 12.4-12.12) Selection of Bearings and Lubrication (J&M 13.1-13.13) Friction and Wear; Regimes of lubrication Rolling-Element Bearings Design of Gearing (J&M 15.1-15.7)...
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