Lecture 10 - Lecture 10Start of Second Quarter...

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Lecture 10—Start of Second Quarter Thermodynamic quantities: enthalpy and entropy. Will be briefly introduced, then discussed in more detail later in the quarter. Keep them in mind as we discuss phases. Three states of matter Traditionally gas, liquid, solid Actually, many other varieties and borderline cases: supercritical fluids, plasmas, liquid crystals, viscoelastic fluids, gels, colloidal crystals We will discuss states of matter by relating them to binding interactions, especially the weaker interactions, that we already studied Properties of gases They expand to fill containers Their typical density is much less than for liquids and solids They can be easily expanded and compressed to accompany changes in container size Their properties are the sum of effects from separate atoms or molecules A mixture of gases behaves very much like the sum of behaviors of each separate gas occupying the same volume under the same conditions The overriding gas law for simple cases (Ideal Gas Law): PV = nRT. This is valid when
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Lecture 10 - Lecture 10Start of Second Quarter...

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