Lecture 1 - Lecture 1Introduction and Definitions...

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Lecture 1—Introduction and Definitions Instructor background: Professor Howard E. Katz Contact information: [email protected], 207 Maryland Hall, webct web site Administrative: Cooperation and responsibility in the class Interaction is encouraged, discussing notes and assignments Written compositions and examinations are to be done independently Each student is separately responsible for having a command of the material; exams will test this. Some questions will be direct, others will be interpretive. Grades will not be determined by one- and two-point swings Points are earned as follows: up to 100 on each of four midterms, 20 on a mid-year essay, 60 on graded homework quizzes, and 120 on the final. Midterms are closed book; the final is open book. Grades for freshman are P/F externally, but lettered internally Read assignments once through, then focus on topics covered in class. Many of you know a bit about many of the topics; one of the goals of the lectures is to drive home the main concepts so that you can use them in the future, without being confused by partial or incorrect information left over from high school. This can only happen if lectures are attended and reading is done. I know that the quantity of reading is high, but it will be worth it! You will always be able to go back and refer to the readings. Have command of all assigned problems, bring questions to office hours. Key problems will be quizzed and/or handed in for grading. Extra quiz points may be awarded during office hour discussions. The idea is not to compete, but to have everyone learn principles that will serve them well
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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1Introduction and Definitions...

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