SI session Dec. 4 Ch. 16

SI session Dec. 4 Ch. 16 - Kaiser Imam December 4 2007 BIOL...

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Kaiser Imam December 4, 2007 BIOL 215 SI Session Chapter 16 Chapter 16: Cellular Movement 1. List some similarities and differences between cilia and flagella: 2. Describe some of the common structural features of cilia and flagella. 3. What causes cilia and flagella to bend? 1
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4. Describe how localized bending with the axoneme affects the movement of cilia and flagella. Fill in the blanks 5. Every type of myosin has at least one polypeptide chain called the _____________________, with a ______________________ at one end and a _________ region of varying length. 6. The globular head binds to _____________ and uses the energy of _____________________ to cause a ______________________________ that moves the myosin. 7. Some myosins may contain additional polypeptides called ______________________ that are bound to the globular head group and perform a variety of functions such as regulating the myosin ATPase. 8. The type of myosin that is involved in muscle contraction is ________________________. Each of these molecules has _________ heavy chain(s) and _________ light chain(s). 9. Muscles cause movement of limbs by _________________. Skeletal muscles are connected to bones by ________________. 10. A muscle consists of a bundle of parallel ____________________, each consisting of ____________ cell(s). 11. Each muscle cell is has ___________________ nucleus/nuclei and is formed by the fusion of smaller cells called _______________ during development. 12. Muscle cells are further divided into units called ______________________, which are
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SI session Dec. 4 Ch. 16 - Kaiser Imam December 4 2007 BIOL...

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