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Unformatted text preview: Lecture #3: Quantum Confinement Fig. 4-17, p. 135 Cowboy Chemistry The Study of Vigorous Chemical Reactions “It’s not a perfect world. Get over it!!” white phosphorous + potassium chlorate = ??? Lecture 2: Particles are WAVES!! Physics: pre-1900 Physics: Particles or Waves Particles λ Wave -delocalized e­ p=mv Particle v ­localized ­trajectory ­momentum 20th Century Experiments Force Reconstruction of Theoretical Physics Physics: pre-1900 Physics: Particles and Waves Particles ­localized ­momentum -delocalized e­ p=mv λ Wave h=6.62 x 10­34 Js v Particle h p= λ Duality h λ= p BLACKBOARD De Broglie Wavelengths Particle Photon (yellow) Photon ( e­ (v ~ 10 m sec ) Na (80K, v~300 m sec ) v~300 m sec Baseball (170g, v~40 m sec ) de Broglie λ (nm) (nm) ~ 600 ~ 6 ~ 0.06 ~ 6x10­26 Quantum Confinement: Nanotechnology BLACKBOARD Fig. 4-24, p. 146 Fig. 4-25, p. 148 Fig. 4-CO, p. 114 This lecture is Terminated!!! ...
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