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A) What am I going to focus on for your recordings?? 1. Conversational interactional skills (Opening, Use of pauses, Taking turns, Closing conversation, Fluency) 2. Vocabulary (Appropriate vocabulary, Idiomatic expressions, Use of connecting words) 3. Grammar (Correct verb forms, Agreement) 4. Creativity and elaboration 5. Appropriate socio-cultural use of the language 6. Appropriate interaction for context My favorites are GRAMMAR (number 1), vocabulary and interactional skills. -----For further explanation on these points, check the document on “final lab report” under COURSE DOCUMENTS or ask me next time in class. B) What do I expect for your transcriptions? 1. Grammar 2. Vocabulary 3. Spelling 4. Finding real mistakes and giving a good explanation of why they are wrong. Here, what I’m going to focus on the mistakes you find. If you say you don’t have
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Unformatted text preview: mistakes and then I find a huge one (verb agreement, gender agreement), that will affect your grade for the transcription, so make sure you check them. NEW!!!! Please, TYPE (by type I mean with a computer) BOTH yours and your partners sentences. Also, mark the different turns with your respective initials. Example: Inma and Anas recording: I: Hola Ana, qu tal ests? A: Hola Inma, pues me duele la cabeza, pero me voy a tomar una aspirina y pronto se me pasar. *I know I told you to transcribe just what you said, but I need to adapt to the departments decisions. Sorry about that! In any case, you wont be penalized for the transcription for week 3. Then print it and bring the copy to class. If you dont have accents in your computer, just add them once you have the printed copy....
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