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Syllabus 507 Fall 2007

Syllabus 507 Fall 2007 - 1 The University of Texas at...

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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Spanish and Portuguese SPANISH 507-FALL 2007 This document contains important information and represents an agreement between the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and its students. You indicate acceptance of these policies by registering for this course. Read it carefully and refer to it frequently. You are responsible for knowing all of the information in it. Please note especially the sections on Academic Honesty and the Attendance Policy. 1. PURPOSE, GOALS, AND OBJECTIVES of the Language program The Spanish language program will help you develop multilingual literacies through the analysis and use of Spanish as a second language. The program focuses on the development of three major types of competencies (all equally ranked in terms of importance): (1) linguistic competence (linguistic proficiency in Spanish including knowledge of phonetics/phonology, morphosyntax, lexicon, discourse, etc.) (2) communication/ interactional competence (communicative abilities in Spanish, including knowledge of sociocultural uses of the language, pragmatics, cultural background/perspectives) (3) metalinguistic competence (awareness of language as a conceptual, symbolic system) The objective of the language program addresses the basic tenets of a liberal arts education: the development of a critical thinking approach towards the analysis of perspectives and products of our society. This objective is framed in an overall worldwide trend towards political and economical internationalization and an increasingly diverse and multicultural work environment. 2. COURSE DESCRIPTION, GOALS, AND OBJECTIVES Spanish 507 is the second course in The University of Texas lower-division Spanish program. The course reviews some of the material from Spanish 506, introduces additional vocabulary and grammar topics, and further prepares students in oral and written discourse, as well as in reading skills. You will spend four hours a week with the instructor and one hour in lab, for one semester. You must register for both the class and the laboratory. The lab will provide you varied opportunities and degrees of interaction to develop your speaking proficiency, including good conversational skills, determining your purpose for speaking, and responding appropriately to different situations. 1
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Prerequisite: Spanish 506 with a grade of at least C. Students who receive credit for Spanish 506 through the placement examination or by transfer must take Spanish 508K. If you did not take Spanish 506 at UT, you should not be in this class. If you require assistance or have any question, talk to your instructor or make an appointment with the Liberal Arts Advisors for Spanish, Ms. Liz Hastings ( [email protected] ) or Ms. Christine Fisher ( [email protected] ) BEN 2.108. Goals of Spanish 507
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Syllabus 507 Fall 2007 - 1 The University of Texas at...

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