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LAB TRANSCRIPTIONS I. Listen to your recording and transcribe the recording. II. Select three different errors you made for each transcription. III. Then, 1. Write the whole sentence in which the error occurs, and underline the error. 2. Rewrite the whole sentence with the error corrected and the correction underlined. 3. Write an explanation (in English or Spanish) about the error and your correction, referring to the rules of grammar you have learned.
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Unformatted text preview: Example: a. Original sentence with error underlined: Nosotros hablamos espaol todas las das. b. Corrected sentence: Nosotros hablamos espaol todos los das. c. Explanation of the correction with the correction underlined: The word da is masculine (el da ), and in Spanish there is agreement between nouns and adjectives. So todos and los have to be masculine and plural....
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